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Visas are not usually required for European Union Passport holders for stay up to ninety days. Please note however that Passport must be valid for six months from the date of entry into Morocco. An address of accommodation is required, which we will supply.

From outside the European Union we strongly recommend that you check with your nearest Moroccan Embassy.

Nearly all networks work in Morocco, contact your network for call charges, coverage is pretty good. Also there are an abundance of public phones (coin and cards). International call charges are relatively cheap.

Morocco is a tolerant muslim country and especially in Agadir area. Both, men and women, are welcome to wear shorts and t-shirts around town. Swimsuits and bikinis are also normal on the beach. If you are coming in the winter you probably need some warm clothes too as it does get cooler in the evenings, but not too much, we have a semi-tropical weather with incredible conditions all year around.

Moroccan voltage is 220V, 50Hz (two-pin round plugs). Always check your laptop or electronic items to make sure they can handle 100-240 volts.

The Moroccan currency is the Dirham. Exchange rates are around 11 Dirhams to 1 Euro, 13,5 Dirhams to 1 British Pound, and 8 Dirhams to 1 US Dollar.

In almost all cases, Dirhams can only be obtained within Morocco. Generally the cheapest way to get the currency is to withdraw using your Visa or Mastercard account from one of the many ATMs in the airport or in Agadir. There are also currency exchange facilities in the airport. Anza have an ATM and also currency Exchange office. Tamraght does not have an ATM, and the nearest one is in the village of Aourir, which is a two minute drive away. This machine and many other ATMs in Morocco do not accept Maestro and can be unreliable, and so if you have a VISA card we recommend you bring it.

Traveller’s cheques are not a good idea for Morocco. They cannot be exchanged at the airport  and there are only a few places in Agadir that will change them.